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Airbrush Compressor Kit



1. Voltage: DC12V 

2. Current: less than 800MA

Power: 9W

3. Pressure: 18PSI

4. Air output per min./litres: more

than 7L/min

5. Electric Cable: 2m

6. Weight: 0.65kg

7. Size: 122MM*96MM*67MM


Feed Type: Gravity

Nozzle Dia:0.4mm

Body Length:140mm

Working Pressure:5-30PSI

single action

Cup capacity: 2CC

Moisture Trap Features:

Port Size: G1/8''

1. Miniature in size.

2. The clear filter bowl allows a visual inspection of built up moisture and this can be evacuated through a spring-loaded release valve without  taking filter off the airbrush.

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